Guest Stories & Reviews

Consider Weather Updates
February 11, 2015

Hi--Spent 2 nights/3 days experiencing great snow at Stratton Brook and Poplar. The crew was great at SB; especially the food. Amazing views and great ski down Newton's Revenge. Poplar crew was great as well--you know the situation with the showers--the Poplar team helped me find one that at least delivered lukewarm water. My one piece of advice would be for the crew to give weather updates at breakfast, especially since we don't have Internet connections. When I left to ski from Poplar to SB trailhead it was in the low twenties and cloudy. Then the wind picked up drastically, the clouds cleared out, and the temps plummeted. I ended up scrambling on the trail to add layers and fight off cold. When I got to my car it registered 4 degrees and I'm sure it was colder up on the ridges, with 30 mph gusts. I completely understand that we are responsible for ourselves on the trails, but an updated weather report from the crew would have helped, esp for anyone who might have been unprepared for the day's dramatic change Best--Bill

Wonderful experience
February 11, 2015

I spent the night at the Flagstaff Hut. The staff was so friendly and fun, and the food was terrific. I slept like a baby! Lani Cochrane was especially wonderful as my cross-country ski guide. I will recommend this experience to everyone I know!

ski trip
February 8, 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Huts. We were met by staff and volunteers at both huts and treated well. We were warm and the food was spectacular. The trails offered a nice variety of hills and turns, no long distances of tedious flat. I loved that the snowmobile used a different trail. I will definitely join to support a great organization and visit again.

Fun Winter Getaway
February 2, 2015

My husband and I stayed one night at Flagstaff and one at Poplar Spring, and on both nights we were treated with great hospitality by the staff who were friendly, engaging and knowledgeable. We had plans to ski from airport to flagstaff on our first day, but the signage was unclear and led us on a snowmobile trail that cut through a neighborhood, which essentially forced us to turn around and drive to the Flagstaff trailhead to ski in from there. Once we got skiing on the nicely groomed trails, we realized how great the trails actually are, but because we had to backtrack and only had one car, our trip was thrown off. We will definitely be back next winter and this summer we hope to hike into Flagstaff with our 2 and 3 year-old sons.

Great hike in the snow
February 1, 2015

We scheduled the trip hoping to cross country ski. Due to lack of snow, the trails were too icy to ski so we hiked from the Flagstaff Lake Hut to the Grand Falls Hut and back. The scenery was beautiful. The food and lodging were great. Nice job MHT. The only observation is I think that you could groom the trails better.

Great fatbiking
January 30, 2015

Conditions for skiing were not good. But this made for great fat biking - white asphalt as it's sometimes called. Flagstaff Lake was solid, clear, and smooth, also a hoot to ride. I'd been interested in getting to Grand Falls for several years. What a nice trip and as usual huts and staff were first-class.