Guest Stories & Reviews

A blast from end to end
February 18, 2015

The snow was perfect, the air cold and the huts warm. Three of us skied from Rt 27 trailhead in to Stratton Brook on Sunday afternoon, then on to the other three huts on the next three nights, skiing out from Grand Falls to the West Forks trailhead on Thursday. We were the only guests at Stratton Brook. From there to Poplar is a short day - got there for lunch so we had a short nap and then went back out for an hour ski before supper. The leg from Poplar to Flagstaff is rigorous, but with good snow we did it in 5 hours or so. We stopped for an hour at the halfway yurt, built a fire in the stove, ate lunch, changed our socks, etc. We then enjoyed a fabulous downhill and a leisurely meander to Flagstaff. We shared the hut with 24 6th graders, which turned out just fine. The leg from Flagstaff to Grand Falls is not difficult until the last mile, so save some energy. Once again, we were the only guests. It was our second time at Grand Falls, and it is our favorite hut. The toughest day is the leg out to West Forks. It took us 6 hours, including an hour for the last mile which is straight up herringboning. The staff and food were all great. The hut systems worked well except that the drying room at Flagstaff was cool and the generator ran all night.

World Class
February 17, 2015

A really excellent system you have put together. All was good to excellent. My only complaint has to do with the grooming - which, on our last and most difficult day was non-existent.

fabulous skiing
February 17, 2015

Trails between huts were extremely well groomed with very soft powder falling. Main hut buildings were fancier than expected, very attractive, comfortable, excellent showers and restrooms. Staff friendly, helpful, and food was tasty, delicious comfort food. Sleeping quarters, warm enough and clean. I would highly recommend these huts and system of trails . I would only suggest that they consider adding a few shorter ski loop trails around the huts (like at Flagstaff), for skiiers who don't want to just ski between huts. Lake was great. Bravo

snow & more snow
February 15, 2015

Great snow, camaraderie and fun. We had almost a foot of fluffy powder, which did obliterate the tracks making skiing more difficult, but just a beautiful wonderland. Trail alongside Dead River between Flagstaff & Grand Falls is so pleasant. Sue outdid herself in welcoming us at Grand Falls Hut and feeding us, wow!

Fun at Flagstaff
February 15, 2015

Snowshoed to Flagstaff Hut with two young children and had a fabulous time. The kids loved it, the staff and food was incredible and great social time with the other folks staying at the hut. Thank you for a great time, will be back and planning on summer group trips already!

Stratton Brook Hut
February 15, 2015

The staff was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming! It was so nice to be offered a smile and a hot drink after skiing up in the cold.