Guest Stories & Reviews

Impressive establishment
March 13, 2015

Great time great food and overall great atmosphere

Add this trip to your bucket list!
March 13, 2015

My partner and I took my mom on a 2-night / 2-hut skiing trip here as a gift. She loved it and says, "If I had a bucket list, this would have been on it!" We skied into Poplar Hut on Friday afternoon, then enjoyed an evening of relaxation, games, great beer, good company, and DELICIOUS food. The ski downhill from Poplar towards Stratton Brook was a little daunting, so we hiked down the first part of the snowshoe trail (past the awesomely frozen waterfall!) then had a beautiful ski along the flatter snowshoe trail. This was our favorite part of the trip! We then skied to Stratton Brook hut (hiking the very steep last half mile or so) and had yet another amazing meal made by more amazing hut staff. In the morning we took a short hike down the very steep part of the trail, then had a beautiful and gently downhill ski back to the Airport Trailhead. We'd love to come back!

3 day xc ski trip
March 13, 2015

Had a great time as usual, our third year skiing. Only one itsy bitsy complaint: at Flagstaff Hut on 2/28 no coffee ready 'til 7am. The guests were antsy for their morning joe. see you next fall & winter.

birthday trip
March 12, 2015

Took my twin sister into Grand Falls Hut. We had a great time. Really enjoyed the people who stay in the huts and run the huts. I tell all my friends about the huts and hopefully she will too. Everyone should experience a hut in the winter time.

Wonderful Times
March 11, 2015

Over the course of 2 weekends I stayed in 3 huts - the first with friends and colleagues, the second with my family. Both weekends were filled with excellent skiing and great food. The huts are comfortable and the staff helpful. The only down side was a cold shower after a long ski - wish I'd known what the good times to shower were. I was struck by how many day visitors there were to the lodges and trails. Seems like some obvious and encouraging donation collection vessels at trail heads and the huts could be helpful.

2nd annual environmental women's weekend
March 10, 2015

Great one nighter at Stratton Brook Hut, beautiful hut, delightful inspiring company, excellent food, and good wine! Cold night, warm fire, new and old friendships, comfortable accommodations, helpful friendly staff. Thanks MH&T.